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ErikI’m Erik Terwan from Vriescheloo (Groningen), the Netherlands. I recently retired from being a pastor, so now I have more time on my hands for my biggest passion: classical music.

I listen to classical music mostly from my CD’s that I’ve ripped to a hard disk drive. In my listening room I installed a Raspberry Pi, running Kodi on OSMC. I’m quite happy with this setup.

I’m not so happy on the other hand with the ways I can listen to music when I’m not in my main listening room. I own several Android devices that are in principle very well equipped for listening to music, but in practice they’re not!

The hardware is all right. No, better than all right: nowadays the hardware is quite excellent! Equipped with a really good equalizer (ViPER4Android) and a decent headphone, I spent countless hours happily listening to music.

However, I always ran into things I didn’t like or couldn’t do with just about every Android music player I’ve tried. None of them do what I want. They all lack multiple functions I need. And worst of all: they seem all designed to be used with pop music, not classical music!

So with more time available I decided to revitalize an old craft I used to master: programming. Before I became a pastor, I’ve had almost twenty years experience in information technology. Working as a computer operator, a programmer, a systems programmer, and a handful of other functions in IT. I’ve programmed in a dozen or so programming languages and environments (from COBOL to a couple of assembly languages, via ALGOL, PL/1 and C to JavaScript and what not). In all my years of being a pastor I always kept up to date with computing technologies.

If you can’t find what you need, you have to make it yourself! The last couple of month I made acquaintance with Java and Android Studio to develop Classical Music Player.

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